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Safe Guarding Your Expectations

Alloa Elim Pentecostal Church

Statement of commitment to safeguarding

The National Leadership Team of Elim are committed to creating healthy churches and safe
spaces for all. We recognise the ways in which children and adults can be at risk of harm or
abuse, so endeavour to create a culture to minimise opportunities for abuse to occur. This
requires having a safeguarding policy that sets out clearly defined principles, standards and
guidelines required to keep everyone safe. The policy includes procedures for reporting
suspicions or allegations of abuse, as well as practical guidance for safer recruitment, and
church wide safeguarding training and supervision for all individuals working with children
and adults at risk.

We recognise the need to provide a safe and caring environment for all including children,
young people and adults at risk of harm. Children rely on adults to keep them safe,
therefore all our churches working with children, either directly or indirectly, should be
committed to safeguarding children in their care. We seek to do this by providing a safe,
stable, and nurturing environment where children can reach their full potential. Similarly,
within our churches there are adults in need of protection, care and support due to
vulnerability, whether that is a permanent or temporary state. We are aware too that within
our churches there are relationships of trust, which flourish best within healthy churches
and environments, where there is openness, transparency and accountability.

As a denomination, Elim is seeking to build healthy churches in the UK and across the world
consisting of a rich diversity of cultures that are open to people of all nationalities, ages and
backgrounds. Our churches meet together to worship God and to care for one another
whilst also seeking to reach out to people in their immediate community, the wider area
and across the world. We do this through an extensive variety of activities, which may
include, among other things, Sunday services, small groups, educational programmes,
medical aid, alleviation of poverty and activities for the elderly, adults at risk of harm,
children and young people. As part of our mission we also have departments who seek to
prepare and equip people for ministry in the local church, the workplace and for overseas
We firmly believe that safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility, and all involved in the life
of our churches and activities have a role to play in keeping children, young people and
adults safe.

One Church Safeguarding Policy
This safeguarding policy covers the care and protection of children and adults, through the
multiplicity of ways people connect with Elim churches, missions, groups and activities;
including through digital platforms online such as social networking services and social

Statement of our commitment to safeguarding
Reflecting our mission of being ‘One Movement, One Mission’ we have produced this
overarching safeguarding policy for the protection, care and well-being of everyone across
all Elim activities in recognition that we work with children and young people, with adults
who may be vulnerable or at risk, with victims and survivors of abuse and neglect and with
those who pose a risk of harm to children and adults.

Contacting the National Safeguarding Team
It is imperative that contact be made with the National Safeguarding Team when a local
church is faced with any safeguarding issue. They are available in the first instance for
advice and support. They should also be contacted where any safeguarding concern has
implications for the reputation or good standing of Elim. This is to ensure that any response
is open, transparent and involves the statutory safeguarding authorities; it also provides for
the necessary quality assurance required by Elim International Centre.
This is for the purpose of ensuring that the appropriate course of action has been taken.
Where a safeguarding matter involves a church worker, then such a response may include
initiating complaints or disciplinary procedures in addition to following safeguarding
Our Full safeGuarding Policy
If you wish to raise a concern regarding safeguarding within the Elim organisation, the following form can be used to notify the National Safeguarding Coordinator. 
A copy of the form will also be emailed to the person completing the information.
Our Online referral Form
Chris Cartwright
 – General Superintendent
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