Our Youth group meets on Sunday afternoons 1:30pm and 3:30pm, just after the morning service. Youth is an inclusive get together for young people between the ages of 12-18, and is open to both Christians and non-Christians. A typical Sunday afternoon includes coming together over some food, games and discussions.
Pre-COVID, we had regular ‘Socials’ which included some more fun, food and activities like Ice Skating and Bowling. Typically Socials are more chilled out occasions. Throughout the year we link up with other groups in Scotland and the UK such as the annual national gathering for Elim’s youth groups called ‘Limitless One’. 
As leaders, Chris and Anja are both students in Stirling, who plan the meetings to be God-led, and centred around the young people, with the goal of equipping them to see the world through God’s eyes.